The InTer-war years (1918-1939)

In 1919 a press release reported the winding up of the RCC and Athletic Grounds Company Limited in September. 
The demise of the old club resulted in efforts to re-create a cricket club in Rainhill. On 22nd March 1920 Rainhill Recreation Club was established when several sports teams amalgamated, including the cricketers of Rainhill Cricket Club. Mr Peter Wright of Heyes Farm sublet the pasture field off Warrington Road to the club and the old pavilion was moved the short distance to the new ground. It appears the cricket pitch was not immediately in a sufficiently good condition on which to play.

A photograph of the Rainhill team (above), captioned “pre-1920”, shows the players at the Old Lane Ground. However, given that no cricket was played between 1914 and the winding up of the old club five years later, it is more likely that the photograph was taken at some point between 1920 and 1922, after which the move to the new ground took place. 

Minutes of the club AGM on 22nd March 1922 had a heading of ‘Budding cricketers brought to light’. Mention was made of ‘Harry Allcock’s feat of performing the hat trick against Huyton’. The minutes also outlined details of a ground purchase scheme for the ground on which Rainhill Cricket Club currently plays. ‘A piece of land 5.75 acres, suitable for all outdoor games, and situated to the east of Victoria Terrace, has been secured at a cost of £479, a deposit of £47.9s6d having been paid’. 

Rainhill Recreation Club is believed to have played on the new ground for cricket, tennis, football, hockey, and bowls for the first time in 1923. Photographic images remain of the Recreational Club members enjoying various sports and other activities.

Rainhill became an established club during the 1920s and 1930s, although written records are few and far between.