Academy’s Tech-Enhanced Training

The Rainhill CC Academy’s latest three-hour training session was a testament to the power of technology in enhancing sports training and the unyielding commitment of our squad.  Employing the innovative Fulltrack AI app, our players took to the field for an advanced training experience, engaging in fielding drills and netting practice.

Embracing Technology: The Fulltrack AI Edge
In a first for our Academy, the Fulltrack AI app was introduced to provide real-time analytics and feedback on our players’ performance.  This cutting-edge technology enabled coaches and players to make instant adjustments and improvements.

Fielding Drills: Precision and Agility
The session began with an array of fielding drills designed to refine reflexes and enhance team dynamics. The drills were meticulously crafted to challenge the players’ agility and precision, crucial skills for dominating the field during match play.

Netting Practice: Technique Under the Microscope
As the players moved into the netting phase of the training, the Fulltrack AI app really came into its own.  Batters and bowlers alike received instant data on their performance.  This level of detail offered insights that went beyond traditional coaching methods, giving each player a tailored experience that focused on their unique areas for improvement.

A United Squad with a Common Goal
Over the course of the winter training, it’s clear that the Rainhill CC Academy is more than just a group of young athletes; it’s a cohesive unit bound by a common goal to excel in cricket. The commitment to training, whether through embracing new technology or pushing through physically demanding drills, is a hallmark of this promising group.   As our players continue to show up with determination and a willingness to push their limits, we look forward to witnessing their growth and success in the seasons ahead.


Rainhill CC Academy: Harnessing Technology to Fuel Cricketing Ambition.