Rainhill Women’s Softball Team Clinch Victory Amidst Injury


In a thrilling encounter against Liverpool CC, Rainhill Women’s Softball team demonstrated resilience and unity, securing victory despite facing challenges on the field. The match, held at Liverpool Cricket Club as part of the Women & Girls League – Women’s Softball Super 8s League Division 2, unfolded with moments of drama and determination.

With Rainhill fielding first, spirits were high as they took to the field.  However, their enthusiasm was dampened when captain Lucy Strettle suffered a hand injury while attempting a catch. With Strettle forced to leave the field and head to A&E, Rainhill faced a setback, losing their key batter and bowler for the remainder of the match.

Undeterred by the setback, Rainhill rallied together, displaying unwavering focus and determination.  Led by vice captain Sue Lowrie, the team remained resolute in their pursuit of victory. 

Liverpool CC set a target net score of 269 in their allotted 16 overs. Despite notable contributions from April Matthews, Claire Griffiths, and Ella Caine, Liverpool’s innings concluded with Rainhill’s bowlers demonstrating discipline.  Helen Jones secured two crucial wickets, while Lucy Strettle before going off injured, and Kerry Lawler took a wicket each.

In response, Rainhill’s batting lineup showcased resilience and composure, reaching 283. 

The opening pair of Jayne Curlett and Julie Foulkes set a strong foundation for Rainhill’s innings, displaying exceptional synergy and determination with a partnership of 20 runs, many of them singles!  Their steady start set the groundwork for the rest of the team to build upon.

Following Curlett and Foulkes, Helen Jones and Katie Roberts showcased their batting prowess, adding a crucial 17 runs partnership to Rainhill’s total. Jones’s aggressive stroke play, including a couple of boundaries, combined with Roberts’s composed batting style, propelled Rainhill’s innings forward with momentum.

As the match progressed, Cassie Hopkins and Sue Lowrie contributed vital runs (17), showcasing their resilience and commitment to the team’s cause.

As the match reached its climax, Kerry Lawler and Jayne Curlett found themselves as the last pair at the crease, tasked with seeing out the remaining overs to ensure victory for Rainhill.  Lawler and Curlett held their nerve, displaying patience and composure, despite facing a spirited effort from Liverpool’s bowlers, the duo remained steadfast, guiding Rainhill to a well-deserved victory.

The match served as a testament to Rainhill’s resilience and team spirit, with every player contributing to the collective effort.  While Lucy Strettle’s injury presented a challenge, it also showcased the team’s ability to adapt and overcome adversity.  

As the team celebrates their hard-earned triumph, they send their heartfelt wishes to captain Lucy Strettle for a speedy recovery, as she faces a few weeks out due to injury.