Six of the Best: Our Young Cricketers Make Their Mark at Lancashire!

Finn, Annabelle, Sarah, Erin, April and Maddie

We are bursting with pride to announce that five of our brilliant young female cricketers and one of our promising male players have been selected to represent Lancashire, showcasing their extraordinary talents and dedication to the sport.

In the Under 13s category, April, entering her second year, and Maddie, now in her impressive third year with Lancashire, have continuously demonstrated skill and commitment. Their selection is a shining example of their hard work and the nurturing environment of our club.

Moving to the Under 11s, we’re thrilled to celebrate the achievements of Sarah, Annabelle, and Erin.  Sarah, a veteran in the team, is all set for her third year at Lancashire, consistently proving her mettle on the field with her legspin bowling.  Annabelle, stepping into her second year, and Erin, embarking on her first, have both displayed exceptional talent and enthusiasm, rightfully earning their places in the team.

Let’s not forget the boys! We’re equally excited for Finn, who has been selected for the Lancashire U12s boys’ team for the first time. This is a fantastic accomplishment and speaks volumes about his potential and the bright future ahead of him in cricket.

These selections are more than individual successes; they represent the collective spirit and the supportive environment of our club. It’s a testament to our commitment to nurturing young talent and providing opportunities for all our players to grow and excel.

As we celebrate these outstanding achievements, we look forward to a 2024 season brimming with more inspiring stories and victories.

Congratulations to April, Maddie, Sarah, Annabelle, Erin, and Finn – your passion, dedication, and hard work are truly inspiring to us all!

Maddie, Annabelle and Sarah after playing 4 matches over two days at a festival for Lancs in August 2023